Eco-restoration Program at Mount Merapi

Acceleration of ecosystem restoration at affected villages post Merapi Eruption were done with agro-forestry approach to combine livelihood needs and conservation purposes. This project has built agro-forestry demonstration plots of 15,8 hectares in 2 villages namely Kepuh Harjo and Umbulharjo. Demonstration plot of Kepuh Harjo villages are located at Kopeng Hamlet of 8,9 hectares, at Batur Hamlet of 1,4 ha, at Jambu Hamlet of 1,7 ha, and at Petung Hamlet of 1,3 ha. While demonstration plot in Umbulharjo Village is located at Pelemsari Hamlet of 2,5 ha. A number of 20.193 holticultures and multi purpose trees were planted according to participatory planning with village community.

Division of demonstration plots’ location was meant to give example or lesson of:

  1. Different technical approach for various thickness of existing eruption materials
  2. Different agro-forestry systems for various needs of land owners
  3. Special technical approach for disaster prone areas at Gendol river bank which is susceptible to landslide
  4. Ecosystem restoration to support ecotourism activities in Umbulharjo Village

Around seventy percent of plants in demonstration plots survive with replanting following mice attack and water infuse treatment along dry season. Efforts to sustain and to improve growth of the plants will be part of community responsibility because all benefits will go to them. Project management will monitor this process with community participation.

Change of function from previously housing lands into agro-forestry demonstration plot indicates the needs for the local to stay away from eruption threat by staying at permanent housing location built by REKOMPAK Project. Those lands buried by eruption materials are to function as farming fields to support their needs of fodder, fruits and timber. (ZNR)

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